I tried The keto diet challenge for 10 days!! The results were amazing .

Nice to meet you, I'm Rahul Singh Rathore

A ketogenic diet that you can eat and lose weight, which you learned from a sudden chance …

When I was investigating

I was hungry like this. .. ..

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I‘m getting more and more interested in the fact that I’m going to lose weight in a healthy way and it’s okay to eat.

However, it was difficult to understand how much I could lose weight by word of mouth due to individual differences, so I decided to practice it myself.

By the way, this is a video explaining the ketogenic diet.

Why I decided to practice a ketogenic diet

The reason you want to go on a diet is because you care about your weight and body shape, right?

Personally speaking, I got sick five years ago and started to gain weight as soon as my diet changed.
Compared to before I got sick, I gained nearly 10 kg. .. ..

People are strange, because a little chance changes their taste for food and makes them even more fat. .. ..
I can’t wear the clothes I used to wear, and when I buy clothes, I buy one size larger than before.
It is natural to choose only clothes that hide the body shape. .. ..

And as my family and others say it’s better to lose weight … (Great care!)

Until now, I’ve been practicing some diets in order to recover my fat weight, but none of them continued.

Even if you lose weight temporarily, your weight will soon return and your skin will become rough …

To be clear, a fasting diet is impossible for me, even if it is temporary like a fasting diet!

That’s why I decided to practice a ketogenic diet.

You can lose weight while eating!

That is the place.

Other than that, there are things like trying to lose weight in a healthy way, and there is no need for troublesome calorie calculation. but

The most important point for me was to lose weight while eating.

Whether or not I have really been lean in the keto transgenic diet,
keto transgenic diet for 10 days practice Symbol ♪ see, please wearing a keto transgenic diet practice diary in 10 days.


Sugars and carbohydrates are NG in the practice of the ketogenic diet!

What was worrisome was that I couldn’t eat sugar and carbohydrates.

Still, why did you decide to practice a ketogenic diet?

It sounds easy, but can you put up with sugars and carbs?

I was worried, but the reason why I decided to go on a ketogenic diet was. There was one more thing I wanted to improve. It is a biased and irregular diet. I am such a person who challenged the ketogenic diet of sugar restriction

I don’t have to eat rice, I love noodles ♪ It
‘s no exaggeration to say that udon and yakisoba are the staple foods.

In addition, I love Chocolate.
I usually drink so many glasses

I love yakiniku and fried chicken.
I also love potato chips. I also love bread (especially croissants)!

Even if I don’t do anything, I buy and eat while saying a reward to myself..

For me, who doesn’t have a diet that I can be proud of, I thought that a healthy diet might be an opportunity to change my diet. .. ..

The biggest challenge for me is that I have to refrain from noodles, beer and cream puffs because sugar and carbs are NG in the ketogenic diet

An opportunity for me, who has a heavy back!

Now that I’ve learned about the ketogenic diet method and am very interested in it, it’s a good time to improve my bad diet!

Practice a ketogenic diet for 10 days! !!

So, I practiced the sugar-restricted diet and ketogenic diet that I practiced.

By the way, the ketogenic diet practice notes also include daily dishes, so please take a look if you like.
Also, although I am not good at cooking, I would like to introduce the menus that I felt through the practice of the ketogenic diet, so I hope it will be helpful

Full plan for the ketogenic Diet — Dishes/weekly plan/dishes/ideas (This an affiliate link )

Make a concrete ketogenic diet practice plan and goals

I think it’s better to make a plan to put it into practice, so I decided to set a goal. It’s a type that comes in from the shape (laughs).

The goal is to lose 5kg!
The period is 10 days!

If you try intensively in a short period of time, you will be able to manage sugar and carbohydrates.

Ketogenic diet 10 days practice

And I’m looking forward to seeing how the suit that was about to tear in 10 days can be worn.

To summarize briefly

Improve your eating habits
Eat as much as you like and don’t exercise
Practice for 10 days and lose 5kg,
I want people to say that I’m thin

That’s why you’re on a ketogenic diet.
I don’t think it’s very convenient and sweet, but it doesn’t start without a challenge.


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